Video: Tom Brady caught dancing ‘white boy’ hip hop at Super Bowl ring party

Maybe Tom Brady identifies with Rachel Dolezal.

Celebrity gossip site posted video Monday of a Super Ring party at the home of Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft Sunday where the legendary quarterback was doing his best (we think it was his best) hip-hop dancing.

And he wasn’t alone. According to

Among the highlights …

— Tom Brady dancing to “Handsome and Wealthy” by Migos
— Robert Kraft dancing to “6 God” by Drake
— Rob Gronkowski gettin’ low to “Trap Queen” while sweatin’ through his shirt

The party all went down at Robert Kraft’s home. Everyone left with fabulous parting gifts (205 diamonds).

Brady has been embroiled in controversy since the Patriots AFC Championship game win against the Indianapolis Colts in which the Patriots were accused of taking some of the air out of footballs to make them easier for Brady to grip.

But on Sunday, nothing was deflating the superstar’s spirits.

Carmine Sabia


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