Hillary asks for favorite part of re-launch speech – bad idea, ‘@genius’

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign staffers posed a presumptuous question on Twitter after her re-launch speech on New York City’s Roosevelt Island Saturday.

And it came back to bite them.

That was probably a question that would have been better off not asked. Hillary at her best is a mediocre public speaker, and The Atlantic’s Molly Ball described Saturday’s address as “really flat” on CNN. So, Clinton campaign, be careful what you ask for. Here are some of the more sarcastic responses.

But by far, most everyone’s favorite part of her speech was this one:

One Twitter user thought the wording of her tweet was odd, and asked:

But by far, the best response was this one:

See? She can move her lips without lying on occasion!

As my dear departed mother used to say, if you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask the question.

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