Get the popcorn, Cher’s embarrassing herself on Twitter again!

Liberal loon Cher was at it again this weekend, losing her temper in defense of Rachel Dolezal.

The pop singer — who is no stranger to Twitter warfare — wrote on the social media site that it was cruel of the parents of the white, former president of the NAACP’s Spokane chapter, to out their daughter after she pretended to be black for years.

Cher, whose daughter Chastity Bono underwent a sex change to become Chaz Bono years ago, said “I Don’t Know WHY She [Dolezal] Chose Her PATH,But Who Doesn’t Want 2 have Blk COOL?”

Other than the fact that a case could be made that Cher’s tweet was racist in that it implied white people are not cool — or that all black people are — it angered many people in the Twitterverse who were not shy about letting Cher know it.

Cher responded in typical liberal fashion when losing an argument.

She lost her white “cool.”

If only she could turn back time to before she sent that idiotic tweet.

Carmine Sabia


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