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Dolezal steps down as NAACP president; comedic actor breaks tension with humor

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The white woman who made herself a national joke by posing as a black woman and becoming president of a Washington state NAACP branch announced Monday she is stepping down.

But not before actor George Wallace got in on the humor too.

And where Rachel Dolezal required a lengthy, insufferable self-serving Facebook post to explain herself – whining hilariously about how “the dialogue has unexpectedly shifted … to my personal identity” — Wallace nailed his landing in well under 140 characters.

For the uninitiated, or for those who don’t believe Twitter profile pictures, Wallace really is a black man — despite the name he shares with the notorious Alabama segregationist. Chances are, he wouldn’t be allowed into an Aryan Brotherhood bathroom, much less be in charge of its Las Vegas coffers.

That’s part of what make Dolezal’s deception so ludicrous, of course. Being black isn’t a requirement for membership in the NAACP, or for its leadership positions — considering it was founded largely by white people in the first place (white Jewish people, Rev. Sharpton).

Why Donezal felt it necessary to pose as a black woman for “the cause of racial and social” is something better left to her, her parents and her God. (Not to mention any number of psychiatrists,)

It’s also what makes Wallace’s resignation so hilarious. And the responses to his posting showed it.

But for every problem, there’s a solution.


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