CNN’s Jake Tapper almost had an ‘aneurysm’ trying to get answers from Clinton mouthpiece

Hillary Clinton’s chief mouthpiece has learned how to lie from the best, but even that act is wearing thin.

And it showed over the weekend when the slippery Karen Finney repeatedly slithered around questions dodged answers from talk show hosts as slippery as Bill or Hillary at their best.

“I had Karen Finney on the show yesterday, and I thought I was going to have an aneurysm trying to get a position from her,” “State of the Union” host Jake Tapper told guests Sunday on the CNN show.


Just to make sure there was no misunderstanding, the graphic at the bottom of the screen was titled “Hillary Avoids Tough Questions.”

Also Sunday, Finney locked horns with Fox News’ Chris Wallace on her boss’s over – among other things – when the Democrats’ presumed standard-bearer would drop the staged-managed interviews with “everyday Americans” and subject herself to the kind of questioning from the media that Republican presidential aspirants are already hitting head on.

But the Finney approach is getting frustrating — and that could mean trouble for Hillary.

Tapper’s panel Sunday – including Washington Post stalwart Bob Woodward and CNN’s Dana Bash – made it clear that Clinton’s oblique approach to the truth was wearing thin on even a Washington press corps that treats Democrat candidates like old fraternity brothers.

The only panelist on Clinton’s side was longtime Democrat strategist Donna Brazile – who laughably said what Clinton actually says is irrelevant because voters know her principles.

“I have never seen a politician who has laid out more information about herself,” Brazille said.

The problem is so little of it is actually true.

And flacks like Brazile and Finney know it. The media might be ready to admit it too.


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