Associated Press ramps up ‘astounding bias’ with strikingly different headlines for Clinton vs. Fiorina


To the supposedly impartial Associated Press, Hillary Clinton is going to “make history”, while Carly Fiorina, sadly, isn’t.

Two headlines stand in stark contrast.

On May 4, the AP tweeted without fanfare that former HP CEO Fiorina was seeking the 2016 Republican nomination for President.

Fiorina was the first woman to formally announce her candidacy, yet the AP headline made no reference to that fact.

When Clinton made her formal announcement Saturday, the AP tweeted a gushing headline that she is embracing “her potential to make history.”

In the article, AP reported that “Hillary Clinton formally kicked off her presidential campaign on Saturday with an enthusiastic embrace of her potential to become the first woman to win the White House.”

By contrast, the AP combined Fiorina’s campaign announcement with that of neurosurgeon Ben Carson, treating them as fringe candidates. “Fiorina is likely to be the only prominent woman to seek the GOP nomination, with Carson the only likely African-American,” the report stated.

There is only one prominent woman running for the Democratic nomination, and no African-American candidate of note, yet the AP went on to criticize the Republican National Committee, writing that its traditional base is “older, white men.”

Such obvious bias did not escape the notice of conservative Twitter users.

Steve Berman


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