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Social media EXPLODES as CNN anchor calls Dallas gunman ‘courageous, brave’: ‘What. The. Hell.’

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Social media erupted Saturday over a CNN anchor’s bizarre description of a man who attacked the Dallas police headquarters early Saturday, using automatic weapons and pipe bombs in an all-out effort to kill as many police officers as he could.

The man was reportedly angry over a custody matter he blamed on Dallas police officers.

During an interview with CNN legal analyst Philip Holloway, network anchor Fredricka Whitfield described the lone gunman’s actions in words normally reserved for recipients of the Medal of Honor: “very courageous and brave,” though she also called the attacker “crazy.”

Holloway didn’t react to Whitfield’s description, but Twitter users did — with disgust and disbelief.

Conservative author and columnist Michelle Malkin tweeted:

And she had plenty of company, including these folks:

The police even weighed in:

And finally:

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