‘Paranoid and insecure’ Hillary campaign scared by GOP T-shirts!

For the second, or maybe even the third, time, Hillary Clinton launched her campaign for the White House on Saturday, and despite plenty of back and forth on social media over how well attended the event was, not everyone was welcome.

Three Republican National Committee staffers who showed up rocking “Stop Hillary” T-shirts were turned away by the campaign, The Daily Caller reported.

“Read their shirts. You can’t let them in,” a campaign official said.

Business Insider political reporter Colin Campbell posted a photo of Republican National Committee Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams and fellow staffers Ruth Guerra and Ali Pardo on Twitter:

“The Clinton campaign was trying to kick me out of their event to a free speech zone outside, despite me having a ticket,” Williams told The Daily Caller.

The campaign eventually relented, under one condition — that the trio turn their T-shirts inside out.

Philip Bump, a writer for the Washington Post’s politics blog, “The Fix,” posted a before and after photo on Twitter:

But even then, the Clinton campaign made it clear the three were more suspects than guests, following them throughout the event.

Williams, the son of Fox News contributor Juan Williams, scoffed at the idea of a “free speech” zone.

“Honestly, I don’t remember the exact phrasing, but it was either that or a ‘protest pen,’” he said.

A funny thing happened on ‘White Appreciation Day’ . . .

Williams posted a photo on social media of fellow Republicans holding “Hypocrisy” signs in the “protest pen,” as did Campbell.

Here are the photos and some responses from Twitter:

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