Judge Jeanine: Gun law stripped woman of self-defense against murdering ex

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro exposed the one asset society doesn’t offer battered women in America — the ability to protect themselves with firearms.

That point was underscored, Pirro said Saturday, when New Jersey woman Carole Bowne was stabbed to death in her own driveway by her ex-boyfriend on June 3 while waiting for her gun permit application to clear the approval process.

Bowne applied for the permit six weeks before she was killed.

She had also installed security cameras and got a restraining order, but “she knew her restraining order was nothing but a piece of paper and couldn’t protect her from her violent ex,” Pirro said.

“Carol Bowne is not alone,” Pirro added. “There are many battered women who knew their deaths were inevitable.”

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