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Jeb’s ‘unofficial’ logo launch draws lame reviews; ‘a third-tier network sitcom’

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Even though former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush does not officially announce his candidacy for president until Monday, he made an unofficial debut by giving the body politic a sneak peek at his campaign logo on Sunday.

Its reviews were less than stellar.

The logo isn’t just boring; it’s a rehash of the uninspiring logo Lamar Alexander used in his ill-fated 1996 presidential run, as some Twitter users were quick to point out.

Give Bush five green points for recycling.

Bush, like Hillary Clinton, has opted to ditch the surname in his logo, as if there is a single eligible voter unaware of their lineage. The tactic does not appear to be working.

Unfortunately for the nascent “Jeb!” campaign, other commenters saw humor too.



Yes, it should terrify you.

Unless you’re Hillary Clinton.



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