Fox News’ Chris Wallace keeps Hillary mouthpiece on the hook; ‘When will she talk?’


A Hillary Clinton spokeswoman forced to defend the former secretary of state’s reluctance to talk to reporters Sunday had her work cut out for her when “Fox News Sunday’s” Chris Wallace wouldn’t let her off the hook.

According to the The Washington Post’s clock, it’s been more than 33,000 minutes (22 days) since Hillary Clinton last took a question from the press. This virtual blackout cannot continue indefinitely, and Wallace seemed determined to find out when the silence will be broken.

Wallace pushed Clinton mouthpiece Karen Finney to give a definite answer, pointing out that Clinton has not held a single news conference, nor has she participated in a one on one sitdown interview since her campaign launched back in early May.

Finney immediately attempted to spin and deflect, pointing out that Clinton has spent a lot of time on the trail meeting with and taking questions from her supporters.

But Wallace wasn’t having any of it, interrupting Finney to reiterate his question as Finney dodged, offering up a vague reference to something Clinton will be doing “later on today,” which may or may include taking questions from the media.


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