Forget the Constitution — again; Dems want ‘4 more years’ of Obama

President Obama made a surprise appearance Thursday night at the annual Congressional baseball game, much to the delight of fans who have no use for the 22nd Amendment.

The game, held at Nationals Stadium, pitted Democrat lawmakers against their Republican counterparts. It’s been been won the past six years by the Democrats — and Thursday night was no different.

But one thing was different. The presence of the president.

Photo via Twitter @POTUS.
Photo via Twitter @POTUS.

The Associated Press Reports:

Not known to particularly enjoy hobnobbing with anyone, let alone members of Congress, Obama nonetheless made a last-minute call Thursday night and headed to Nationals Park to spend some time schmoozing with lawmakers who suited up for the annual Congressional Baseball Game between Democrats and Republicans.

Obama arrived early in the game, with his party leading 2-1. He chatted up Democrats, including House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, before greeting the Republican players. Pelosi and other members of the House Democratic leadership were not in uniform.

Fans in the stands behind the Democratic dugout chanted “Four More Years, Four More Years” while spectators seated on the Republican side chanted “TPA, TPA” — a reference to the Trade Promotion Authority that Obama is seeking from Congress.

His visit didn’t do enough as he failed to get sufficient support from lawmakers Friday to pass the TPA bill.

Fortunately, no vote can change the 22nd Amendment, which means there definitely won’t be four more years — no matter what the Democrats chant.

(But they’re probably as sick of him by now as the rest of us are.)

Carmine Sabia


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