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CNN anchor WON’T apologize for calling Dallas gunman ‘brave’; SLAMMED on social media

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CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield was expected to apologize Sunday for describing the man who opened fire on Dallas police in terms normally reserved for members of the military who are being recognized for valor above the call of duty.

And while Whitfield did eventually address the controversy, the so-called “apology” was almost as disappointing as the original remark.

“It was very courageous and brave, if not crazy as well, to open fire on the police headquarters,” she said on Saturday.

Social media erupted in outrage following the remark.

Whitfield avoided the dustup altogether while reporting on the incident in Dallas in the second segment of Sunday’s program, which included an emotional interview with the dead gunman’s father.

She revisited the story in the second half-hour, focusing on the police investigation of the attack, and finally addressed her remarks from the previous day at the conclusion of that report.

Not that she apologized.

“Yesterday, during a segment on the Dallas police department attack, I used the words ‘courageous’ and brave,'” Whitfield said — 44 minutes into her show.

“I misspoke, and in no way believe that the gunman was courageous or brave,” she added begrudgingly.

And that was it.

In retrospect, Whitfield may have been better off to not have brought it up at all.

And social media returned the favor — this guy in particular.

Tom Tillison


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