Caught on video: Race-baiters pick fight with cop in Wal-Mart; ‘Let’s use Mike Brown!’

A group of young black men were captured on video exploiting the death of Michael Brown while trying to provoke a scene with a police officer inside a Florida Wal-Mart store.

“Let’s use Mike Brown,” one of the young men said, as the officer ordered them to leave the store.

Adding to the outrage of using the name of a man whose death has become a byword for lawless violence after last fall’s riots in Ferguson, Mo., the incident was apparently being recorded by one of the group — hoping to catch the officer making a mistake, no doubt.

MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Walmart CALLS POLICE On Black Men Shopping . . One Man Was ARRESTED . . . Because Officer Says He ‘Shopped Too Slowly’!! (This MUST Stop – #BlackLivesMatter#) – FULL STORY –

Posted by Mediatakeout on Friday, June 12, 2015


Other than some inappropriate language, the lone female officer displayed the patience of a saint as she was repeatedly disrespected, even though she was surrounded by 4-5 young males.

It’s not clear what prompted her to confront the men, but the website that posted the video, Mediatakeout, claimed it was for slow shopping — and because they were black, of course.

“Leave the Wal-Mart now!” the officer tells the group, including an able-bodied “shopper” in motorized cart that had one bag of Doritos in the basket.

“I can shop all day,” the man in the motorized cart said. “What, I can’t shop?”

“You cannot shop,” the officer responded. “I’m telling you to get your ass up off that cart and get out of the store.”

A funny thing happened on ‘White Appreciation Day’ . . .

“She’s cussing at us,” another says, in a show of mock offense.

“Because I’m speaking f***ing English and the fact that you don’t understand me  — ” she said.

“Bitch, you talking crazy,” the man in the motorized cart said as they began to talk over one another.

The officer continues to tell them to leave, and while the group appears to be heading toward the exit, the young man in the motorized cart refused to get out and continued to resist.

“Everything [is] on camera, I ain’t doing nothing wrong,” he said.

The cop finally had her fill and arrested the man, as another began yelling, “Let’s use Mike Brown! Let’s use Mike Brown.”

Another day in the post-racial presidency of Barack Obama.

Tom Tillison


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