See Mook lie: Hillary’s campaign manager claims America TRUSTS her

Denial is not a river in Egypt. It’s the Clinton campaign strategy. Robby Mo, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, appeared Sunday on “Face The Nation” and denied that […]

Forget the Constitution — again; Dems want ‘4 more years’ of Obama

President Obama made a surprise appearance Thursday night at the annual Congressional baseball game, much to the ight of fans who have no use for the 22nd […]

Shakespeare is TOO WHITE? English teacher blasted for not teaching the Bard to black kids

A California English teacher has taken political correctness so far she’s refusing to teach her students some of the greatest works of English literature. Because William Shakespeare […]

Ronald Reagan carried A GUN as president, author claims; ‘blackbelt in badassery’

Ronald Reagan might have played it cool when he was outsmarting the Russians, but he was packing heat when he served as president. In an article penned […]

CNN anchor WON’T apologize for calling Dallas gunman ‘brave’; SLAMMED on social media

CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield was expected to apologize Sunday for describing the man who opened fire on Dallas police in terms normallyreserved for members of the military […]

Black conservative talk show host Larry Elder NAILS libs on NAACP fraud

Black conservative radio host Larry Elder nailed the left for its double standards in defending NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal for misrepresenting herself as black. Dolezal, the leader […]

Caught on video: Race-baiters pick fight with cop in Wal-Mart; ‘Let’s use Mike Brown!’

A group of young black men were captured on video exploiting the death of Michael Brown while trying to prove a scene with a police officer inside […]

Relatives of 9/11 victims FURIOUS as memorial goes on auction block

Plenty of eyebrows are being raised over a “disgraceful” on auction of a 9/11 monument, including those of aretired fire chief whose son died in the Twin […]

Christian DJ refuses to be bullied after turning down gay birthday party

A Christian deejay is defending himself and his faith after coming under fire for refusing to perform at a gay man’s birthday party. Michael Lampiris, co-owner of […]

al-qaida detainees released
Obama frees more ‘worst of the worst’ to make war against US; this is how he closes Gitmo?

Watch the latest video at One year after the release of five Taliban commanders in exchange for accused Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl, and roughly five months […]

Marco Rubio throws Hillary’s big speech back in her face; who’s really the candidate of ‘Yesterday’?

Presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio wasted no time going on the offensive against Hillary Clinton’s relaunch of her own presidential campaign, issuing an advertisement only hours after […]

Fox News’ Chris Wallace keeps Hillary mouthpiece on the hook; ‘When will she talk?’

  A Hillary Clinton speswoman forced to defend the former secretary of state’s reluctance to talk to reporters Sunday had her work cut out for her when […]