‘Worse than cancer’: Ted Nugent fires on ‘Make-A-Wish’ for breaking kids’ hearts over PC garbage


Conservative Rocker Ted Nugent took aim and blasted the Make-A-Wish Foundation for dashing the dreams of young cancer patients whose wishes include hunting.

In a commentary published by WND on Wednesday, Nugent lashed out at Make-A-Wish, saying that refusing a dying child’s request for a hunt is “indescribably rotten and heartless any way you dare try to rationalize it.”

“In my estimation, there is only one disease worse than cancer, and that would be the self-inflicted curse of political correctness,” he wrote. “And if you want to know just how soulless, mindless and heartless those that have chosen this curse can be, I give you the Make-A-Wish Foundation.”

An ardent gun rights supporter and experienced hunter, Nugent takes it on himself to fulfill the dreams of kids who were rejected by Make-A-Wish.  He told the story of Adam Bartels, who lost his battle with cancer in 2006, writing that “Adam was a hunter, a fisherman and a gungho outdoorsman, so before his time was up he wanted one more hunt to take with him to the big spirit campfire in the sky.”

Nugent works with an organization called Hunt of a Lifetime, which says its mission is “to grant hunting and fishing dreams for children age 21 and under who have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses,” according to its website.

Although Adam Bartel’s name doesn’t appear in the bios on the website, the organization’s national president, Tina Pattison, told Bizpac Review that Adam was one of the children helped by Nugent, along with many others.

Most recently, Nugent posted on his Facebook page about a hunt with 14-year-old Harrison, who is suffering from spinal cancer, writing “Can you imagine turning down an ill child’s legel wish becuz YOU dont like it!”

Another magic weekend at SUNRIZE ACRES with the multi annual Uncle Ted PorkSlam! We were honored to share a Spirit…

Posted by Ted Nugent on Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pattison confirmed that Make-A-Wish’s longstanding policy is to deny any request involving firearms, citing “national performance standards.”


To Nugent, the only standard Make-A-Wish is following is one of politically correct cowardice.

“Shame on them,” he wrote. “Shame on them all.”

Steve Berman


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