Sharpton says ‘race is not a determining factor’ in NAACP fake black leader scandal – since when, Al?

Al Sharpton, infamous for screaming from the rooftops on racial matters, seemed to whitewash the controversy surrounding Rachel Dolezal on Friday, given his subdued tone when speaking of it.

Dolezal,  head of the Spokane, Washington, chapter of the NAACP, came under fire this week after her parents came forward with the shocking revelation that the “black” leader is actually a white woman.

“I think you should always be truthful about who you are, and I understand that people may be angry if she lied about that,” the MSNBC host said on his program Friday.

“But …”

The race provocateur then reminded his viewers of a “long history of integrated activism in the civil rights movement.”

“While transparency and honesty should always be looked for, let us not be confused, it was always blacks and whites that fought together,” Sharpton added. “So, her race is not a determining factor. Her honesty should be the only thing that we discuss.”

That was the extent of his critique.

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