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Security cameras appear to show cops testing the goods in marijuana raid

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Security camera footage from a marijuana dispensary that appears to show a law enforcement officer eating pot laced food has sparked a police investigation.

The footage released to reporters by attorney Matthew Pappas shows Santa Ana police officers raiding Sky High Holistic on May 26 and forcing customers to the ground.

During parts of the video it appears the officers are playing darts and removing surveillance cameras, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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The California dispensary’s manager, Marla James, an amputee who uses a wheelchair, told KTLA-TV that she was victimized and intimidated by police.

The video shows an officer asking another female officer, “Did you punch that one-legged guerita?”

The female officer replies, “I was about to kick her in her [expletive] nub.”

The raid was part of a search warrant obtained by Santa Ana police, who were investigating the marijuana dispensary for operating illegally in the city, Santa Ana police Chief Carlos Rojas said.

The Santa Ana Police Department sent a cease-and-desist order on Feb. 26, but the dispensary remained open even though its operation was not permitted, he said.

Police haven’t seen the full, unedited video and have requested a copy.

The edited video, Rojas said, raises concerns.

“Our expectation for officers is that they act professionally at all times,” he said.

Rojas said he has pushed for a rapid internal affairs investigation into the officers’ actions. If any wrongdoing occurred, they will be held accountable, he said. But so far, he said, “it doesn’t appear to be what people are assuming it is.”

“I don’t think it’s fair to the officers to indict them based on an edited video,” he said.

According to the Times, the officers involved will be tested for drugs but in the meantime none are on administrative leave.

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