Rachel Dolezal told NY Times she’d be ‘nervous’ going to all-white tea party

The more Americans learn about Rachel Dolezal, the black Spokane, Washington, NAACP leader who’s actually white, the less flattering the truth becomes.

dolezal2For someone hiding such a distortion of reality, there’s plenty to decipher.

Dolezal is quoted in 2010 in a New York Times article as saying she would be “nervousgoing to a tea party gathering because of all the white people who would be there, Weasel Zippers noted on Friday.

Again, she is white — 100 percent. Her parents even produced a birth certificate to prove it.

Dolezal is identified in the article as curator of the Human Rights Education Institute in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

“Though raised in a conservative family, Ms. Dolezal, who is multiracial, said she could not imagine showing her face at a tea party event,” The Times article stated. “To her, what stands out are the all-white crowds, the crude depictions of Mr. Obama as an African witch doctor, and the signs labeling him a terrorist.”

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The article was written during the tea party’s heyday, an early effort by the media to brand the movement as racist in hopes of neutralizing its vast potential.

“It would make me nervous to be there unless I went with a big group,” Dolezal told The Times in the 2010 article.

If she went with a big group of fellow white people, does she mean?

Tom Tillison


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