Gunman plants bombs, opens fire on Dallas police HQ

One gunman caused enough firepower to generate reports that multiple attackers opened fire on Dallas police headquarters on Saturday, and police later found explosives at the scene and were negotiating with a suspect.

EDITORS NOTE: Although earlier reports said multiple gunmen attacked Dallas police headquarters on Saturday, police now say there was only one gunman involved. The story has been corrected and information is ongoing.

Police discovered a total of four suspicious bags containing explosives “spread out all over police headquarters,” Police Chief David Brown told reporters at a news conference, NBC reported.

Police discovered a total of four suspicious bags “spread out all over police headquarters,” Police Chief David Brown told reporters at a news conference.

NBC reported:

One bag was found under a dumpster and another beneath a truck in the police headquarters parking lot, Dallas police tweeted. At least one device exploded when a specialized robot tried to move it, police said.

The apparent attack apparently targeting the police began when up to four suspects began shooting at the headquarters with automatic weapons at around 12:30 a.m. (1:30 a.m. ET), Brown told reporters.

“We saw multiple suspects firing guns at police headquarters,” Brown said. “The suspects were parked in front.”

When officers returned fire, at least one of the suspects got into what was described as an “armored vehicle. Police gave chase and were able to disable the vehicle at a fast-food restaurant parking lot about 12 miles away.

Police eventually found the suspect, who identified himself as James Boulware, but his identity has not yet been confirmed. Boulware said he was avenging his son, whom he said police had taken.

“A SWAT team has begun negotiations with the suspect,” Brown said. “We’re talking to him by cellphone and trying to find a peaceful solution.”

Brown added that no officers were injured in the assault, and that there could be as many as four additional suspects at large with automatic weapons.

It wasn’t long before news outlets picked up on this.

This amateur video was taken art the scene during the shootout.

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