FBI warns ISIS has ‘free zone’ on social media: ‘We’re past going dark’

It’s difficult to say which is more disturbing: that Islamic State militants are using social media to establish a “free zone” or that the FBI acknowledges it’s struggling to keep pace.

Testifying last week before the House Committee on Homeland Security, the head of the FBI’s counter-terrorism division, Michael Steinbach, warned that there was no way to monitor the online encrypted communications of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

“There are 200-plus social media companies. Some of these companies build their business model around end-to-end encryption,” Steinbach told Congress. “There is no ability currently for us to see that … We’re past going dark in certain instances. We are dark.”

With more cases of people in the United States with ties to ISIS popping up, Fox News Channel’s “Bull & Bears” took a look Saturday at the ongoing cyber-war.

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Fox News economic analyst Jonas Max Ferris  said all of the smartest minds work for Google and other top tech companies, not government agencies, because that’s where the money is.

“I bet if you put Google toward the job, they can find everyone who’s a potential terrorist in just a few days of going through the data and the connections,” he said.

Fellow panelist John Layfield, a financial analyst, agreed that tech companies could do more, but stressed that it’s the government’s responsibility to keep the United States safe.

Tom Tillison


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