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Cameras capture the real story in McKinney that should be viral

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While dueling demonstrations for and against police escalated to near violence in McKinney, Texas, on Friday, news cameras were able to capture one powerful moment of hope.

A black man protesting police brutality and a white man supporting the police met on common ground and discussed their differences in a civil manner.

Local news channel KDFW-TV reported the two men held hands, hugged and prayed together.

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One of the men, Scott Harmaring  said the moment showed him that opposite sides can come together.

“It means there’s a chance that we can fix some of the problems in our society today,” he told KDFW-TV.

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“If we’d all just learn to do what we just did and work together and pray together, there’s a chance … the policeman that created the problem is gone, but that doesn’t make our whole police department racist,” he said.

The other man, Lashadion Anthony, said the issue is not about race.

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“They want to make it a black and white thing; it’s not a black and white thing,” he said.

“It’s a community versus the police that are abusing their power. We’re not saying that all police are racists and all police are bad, but there are certain police that are abusing their power.”

While Harmaring and Anthony met, protestors elsewhere in McKinney waved “black lives matter” signs calling for the arrest of police officer Eric Casebolt, who was seen in a video altercation with a 15-year-old girl last week.

Another group of protestors, calling themselves Patriots, waved flags and “back the blue” signs in support of the police, according to KDFW.

As the angry outbursts grew, the opposing groups faced off in a shouting match that reached a boiling point in scene after scene of conflict.

Amid it all, the sight of two men praying together almost seemed out of place.

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