Activists heckle rogue priest’s anti-gun church sermon after he threatens NRA

So much for the sanctity of God’s house.

A circus-like environment ensued when controversial Chicago priest Michael Pfleger held a discussion on gun violence Thursday at a local church.

The rogue priest was not just preaching to the choir, as members of the Illinois State Rifle Association showed up at St. George Catholic Church in Tinley Park, and they were loaded for bear — or should we say bull?

FOX 32 News Chicago

With the pews full, the pro-gun-rights folks repeatedly showed their displeasure with Pfleger’s attempts to blame guns for the violence in the Windy City, even heckling him at times, according to CBS Chicago.

In a church.

The CBS affiliate reported that event organizers had to call for order several times, and at one point told hecklers to be quiet or go home.

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Heckling a priest may be considered sacrilege under normal circumstances, but this is no normal member of the clergy.

Thursday’s event followed a protest last weekend outside a gun shop where Pfleger threatened the NRA, saying the organization “will pay for the murder of our children.”

“I want people who own guns to be held responsible for the guns that they own,” Pfleger said on Thursday.

Never mind that Chicago has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country.

Tom Tillison


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