Video: British guard accidentally slaps queen’s sweet little visitor in the face while saluting

A darling little 6-year-old Welsh girl presented Queen Elizabeth a bouquet of flowers and got smacked in the face in return by a soldier standing nearby.

But it was all an accident.

When the British monarch visited Cardiff, she was met by Maisie Gregory, the daughter of Regimental Sgt. Maj. Martin Gregory. Maisie was dressed in national Welsh costume and curtseyed the queen as she presented the arrangement, according to United Press International.

“How pretty you are. God bless you,” the queen said to the girl.

But the little girl’s pride wads short-lived. A soldier standing nearby gave the queen a brisk salute, smacking Maisie in the face and knocking off her hat.

Her father said that she was in tears after the incident, but now sees the funny side.

“She was a little bit upset but I let her wear my hat and carry my sword. She was soon cheerful and she’s running around now,” he told the BBC.

Maisie’s mother agrees.

“Maisie is fine, she is just very tired and got a shock,” she told The Telegraph. “We are all overwhelmed at meeting the queen.”

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