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UGLY debate spins out of control on Cavuto: ‘I’m looking very much forward to writing your obituary’

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A multigenerational battle has exploded on Fox Business Network over who’s ruining the country more – baby boomers or millennials?

FBN correspondent Charles Gasparino has been engaged in an ongoing feud with National Review reporter Jillian Melchior over his calling “whiney” millennials “entitled” and “moochers.”

Melchior joined “bitter boomer” Gasparino on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Tuesday to discuss a recent article she wrote titled, “Hey, Boomers – look in the mirror before you bash millennials.”

It didn’t take long for the discussion to retrogress into a series of personal attacks that prompted Melchior to acknowledge that she’s looking forward to the day Gasparino dies.

“Not only is he the whiner, he’s the generation of moochers,” she said.

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Gasparino acknowledged, “Yes, boomers are in charge and they’re doing a lot of bad things,” but he blamed millennials for putting the worst of the boomer band in power positions.

The two then sparred over which generation was more responsible for electing President Barack Obama – twice. Neither “gender representative” wanted to take responsibility for that. Melchior was quick to blame boomers for the Obama reign.

“Maybe you’re the exception,” Gasparino told Melchior, “but I blame millennials for a lot things.”

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He added that while Melchior might “be a nice gal,” he considered her article “derivative.”

Cavuto interjected, telling Gasparino he was being patronizing. That’s when Melchior really let Gasparino have it:

“I don’t think you’re a nice man, and I’m looking very much forward to writing your obituary.”

Gasparino laughed it off.

“I take pride in not being a nice guy,” he said.


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