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Superstar Taylor Swift quietly surprises volunteer firefighter who rescued his own family from crash

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Pop music sensation Taylor Swift has a reputation for being extremely generous, and this week the singer has stepped up once again to help a Texas family recovering from a horrific car crash.

Volunteer firefighter Aaron Van Riper, responded to the scene of a car accident last Saturday, only to find his wife Amber and their seven-year-old son John “Bear” had been involved in the head-on collision.

According to ABC 13:

Amber Van Riper’s pelvis was broken in five places, as was her back. She endured 9 hours of surgery on Sunday. Jonathan suffered a broken leg and arm.

The Van Riper family does not have medical insurance. He’s a stay-at-home dad in addition to his work as a volunteer firefighter. Amber Van Riper works full time as a graphic artist but she does not have insurance through work.

With medical bills quickly adding up, a family friend started a GoFundMe to raise money so that Aaron can focus his full attention on taking care of Amber and John, who will both be confined to wheelchairs while they recover.

The Van Riper’s tragic and heroic story spread rapidly throughout the Internet and donations began pouring in. Friends and family were overwhelmed by the amount of attention and support they had received. As of Friday afternoon, the total funds raised had exceeded $106, 000.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 1.57.16 PM
via Aaron Van Riper’s facebook page

Then came a big surprise donation of $15,000, which came from someone named Taylor Swift.

via GoFundMe
via GoFundMe

At first there was some speculation, could it really be from the famous songstress?

Although she hasn’t taken credit for it on any of her social media accounts, Billboard has confirmed, that yes, the donation did indeed come from that Taylor Swift.

If you would like to help the Van Riper’s by making a donation you can do so here.



Featured image via Instagram


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