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Obama tells ‘Extra’ he answers letters from those who call him ‘IDIOT’ – let that sink in a moment

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President Barack Obama‘s comment that he has yet to come up with a strategy to counter Islamic State militants came into better focus after a recent interview with the entertainment news program “Extra.”

There’s just not enough time in the day.

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Obama told correspondent Jerry Penacoli  that he takes time to respond to his critics, even when they call him an “idiot.”

Talk about an all-day job.

While focusing on his signature healthcare law, which could receive a fatal blow any day now from the Supreme Court, the president spoke of letters and emails he receives.

“I get 10 letters a night out of the 40,000 letters and emails and messages that we get,” he said. “Some of them are just saying thank you for something. Some of them are saying, ‘You’re an idiot.’”

Penacoli asked Obama whether he responds to the ones that call him an idiot.

“I do,” he answered, adding that “sometimes” they are surprised to hear back from him.

“You know, I try to address their concerns,” Obama said.

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But what are the odds that a person who got a response from the president after writing to say he’s an idiot wouldn’t share that response with the world?

While it may not rank up there with the “you can keep your doctor” fib, this may be yet another example of Obama’s “misspeaking.”

On a lighter note, Penacoli asked Obama for his picks in the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League championships that are under way.

Obama was noncommittal on the potential NBA winner, saying both teams are playing well, but was quick to stand by his hometown Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL’s Stanley Cup Final.

“Blackhawks, that’s easy,” he said.

Penacoli did not touch on the team’s  American Indian-themed nickname. The Blackhawks have evaded the politically correct firestorm that has enveloped the National Football League’s Washington Redskins.

But then, that’s a whole other letter.

Tom Tillison


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