‘I trust her with my life,’ Bill says of Hillary; someone should tell him what happened in Benghazi

In spite of persistent stories of then-first lady Hillary Clinton throwing lamps and/or books at her husband when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, Bill Clinton said he trusts her with his life — Hillary, not Monica.

In a sure sign it’s election season, the former president opened up about his relationship with his wife in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, set to air Sunday on “State of the Union.”

Tapper asked Clinton about the doubts many Americans have about whether his wife was “honest and trustworthy.”

I trust her with my life, and have on more than one occasion,” he replied. “Whenever I had trouble, she was a rock in our family.”

Bill Clinton described how Hillary helped him when he was “plagued with self-doubt,” offering an example more in line with his “political” life than his physical life.

“I got killed in the Reagan landslide,” he said of his loss in 1980 as the incumbent governor of Arkansas. “People I had appointed to office would walk across the street, they were so afraid of the new regime in Arkansas, and would not shake hands with me. My career prospects were not particularly bright.”

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“And she never blinked,” he said of Hillary. “She just said, ‘Hey, it’ll turn around. I believe in you. You’ve got this.’”

History shows how Clinton rewarded his wife for her support.

Something social media users were quick to remind him of, as Lewinsky’s name came up often, mixed in with an occasional reference to Benghazi.

Here’s a sampling of the responses from Twitter.

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