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A ‘bro with no ho’: Senator caught on hot mic mocking Lindsey Graham

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Who doesn’t love a hot mic?

Right now probably Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., after realizing his ill-timed jab at Republican presidential contender Sen. Lindsey Graham was magnified for the masses.

During a Senate Appropriations Committee meeting Thursday, Kirk was overhead calling Graham “a bro with no ho.”

Kirk was referring to Graham’s bachelor status, which will no doubt be on display if his presidential aspirations take off. According to polls, they probably won’t.

Even so, the South Carolina senator can dream.

Apparently that’s what he was doing when he said being a bachelor and running for president was no big deal, the Huffington Post reported. He joked that he’d have a “rotating first lady” between his sister and his many friends.

“I feel real comfortable with who I am and the life I’ve lived,” Graham told the Post. “The last time I checked, I didn’t see a sign on the White House that said, ‘Single people need not apply.’”

Kirk’s team said his odd quip about Graham’s being a “bro with no ho” was just a joke.

But that isn’t stopping the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee from circulating the hot-mic clip and trying to make a big deal of it anyway.

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