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Megyn Kelly strikes back; fed up with left smearing her with ‘total impunity’

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She’s had it with the left’s distortions.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly used air time Wednesday to hit back at liberal bloggers for dishonest criticism of her show’s coverage of what happened when a police officer wrestled a bikini wearing teenager to the ground at a pool party in McKinney, Texas.

Kelly called out one article in particular from the far-left website Salon, calling it a classic example of liberal bloggers distorting “innocuous comments to promote their own agenda.”

The article claimed Kelly spent almost half of her time on Monday’s “Kelly File” defending former McKinney Police Cpl. Eric Casebolt – a gross exaggeration. It also cherry-picked Kelly’s comment when she said the girl was “no saint” for not obeying police orders, to further take her out of context.

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Kelly pointed out that two of her three guests discussing McKinney on Monday night were against Casebolt’s actions and that she herself took “no position” on the matter.

Fox News’ media specialist and veteran media critic Howard Kurtz joined Kelly in dissecting her previous coverage. He dismissed the commentary as unfair and noted that the messages are often carried in a progressive “echo chamber.”

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Kelly maintained sharing both sides of a news story is what sets Fox News apart from other networks. But far-left bloggers can’t handle hearing anything that disrupts their collective narrative.

Kelly admitted it’s “almost pointless to respond” to the Salon piece, which was cited widely by other bloggers who probably didn’t even watch her show.  But she said she felt compelled to react because the far-left smears, she said, are continually “done with glee and with total impunity.”


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