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Krauthammer rips Obama’s ‘self-centered’ attacks on cops; who does he think will suffer for it?

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The six-year assault by the Obama administration on local police forces is coming to a head as President Obama tries to shore up his legacy, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer told Fox News host Megyn Kelly Wednesday.

And the result isn’t going to be good news for the American people.

“If he wants to work on his legacy, I think he should work on the presidential library rather than stepping into areas which are not his province,” Krauthammer said.

“He must know that policing is a local and a state issue, and for the federal government to step in because the president wants a legacy I think is beyond shortsighted. I think it’s rather self-centered.”

He added that the consequence of the way in which politicians and media have “bent” the facts of high-profile cases to suit their needs is “to ultimately undermine law and order.”

Nothing good can come of undermining a police officer’s authority, he said.

“The crime rate is out of control in Baltimore,” he said. “And the people who suffer the most are the people who need the protection.”

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