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Going viral! Every American should hear THIS black mom’s take on McKinney

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A black Texas mother took to Facebook with a video message after a heated discussion with co-workers about the events in McKinney, Texas, and her message has taken off on social media.

Kisa Jackson spent a lunch break this week blasting the race-baiters and agitators who say the McKinney police officer acted inappropriately when he drew his gun on a group of teenagers. Blaming parents for not teaching their kids to respect authority, she also blasted the teens who tangled with the cops.

“Do I think that the incident was excessive? Yes. But do I think it was necessary? Yes,” she said.

“Everyone’s so upset, because he grabbed her and he’s holding her down. What is he supposed to do?”

Jackson also blasted the parents of the kids who disobeyed the officers’ orders, saying cops don’t always have enough information to judge who is a threat.

“When the police arrive on a scene, you should stay there and you wait for instructions… because the cops don’t always know what’s going on,” she said. “It’s about again the parents, and teaching our children to respect authority figures, whether it’s an officer. Whether it’s a teacher. Whether it’s just a parent walking down the street.”

Jackson’s refreshingly honest assessment of the pool party in McKinney caught fire on social media, with most users celebrating her bold message.

Jackson’s message might not be one that shows up in the mainstream liberal media, but it sure seems to resonate with average Americans.

Maybe common sense is more common than we think.

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