‘You’re a race pimp! ‘ Unemployed ‘professional protester’ faces Hannity . . . how did he think it would end?

Professional protester and troublemaker DeRay McKesson got blasted with both barrels Tuesday night.

And it wasn’t pretty.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity” the Al Sharpton wannabe was peppered with tough questions from host Sean Hannity and the Blacksphere’s Kevin Jackson.

“Is this what you do for a living? You want to setup a 501c3 tax exempt organization. Is this your profession now?” Hannity asked.

Entire police dept. disbanded after councilwoman and her son were arrested.

Entire police dept. disbanded after councilwoman and her son were arrested.

Instinctively, McKesson pulled out the race card.

“Is this a question you’re asking me because I’m a person of color? Would you ask white people this do?” McKesson replied before admitting he’s unemployed.

“It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with, is this your profession? You’re tweeting out that you’re a professional protester,” Hannity said.

McKesson said he was “living off of savings” while attending protests in Feguson, Baltimore and now McKinney, Texas, but Jackson wasn’t buying it.

“The first thing I’d say to DeRay is he had tweets out that talked about he hadn’t been paid yet and he was waiting to be paid,” Jackson said. “If he denies that he hasn’t been paid, fine. But here’s what I will tell you about DeRay.

“You haven’t been to the funeral of any cop that was killed in the line of duty. I bet you that. I bet you haven’t saved up for that. I bet you haven’t been to the celebration ceremony of cops who have protected many, many black people for decades. I bet you’ve never been to one of those celebrations. I bet you haven’t been to the funeral of any of the kids that are killed that aren’t in these types of scenarios, where race-baiters and race pimps like you appear.”

And Jackson wasn’t done.

“You’re a sucker that’s going around this country starting problems not caring about what happens after the fact because it’s giving you a bit of notoriety., he blasted. “You’re a race pimp!”

Predictably, DeRay dodged the line of questioning and tried to turn it around on Jackson — to no avail.

Perhaps he should have said “Hands up, don’t question.”

Because he was shooting blanks.

Carmine Sabia


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