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UN accuses Obama of looking the other way on Iran’s violation of sanctions

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President Obama has been “whitewashingIran’s sanction violations to help sell his nuclear agreement to the international community, according to a new report from the United Nations.

Bolstering Republican opposition to the president’s negotiations with the Iranian regime, UN monitors have said that many sanction violations have unfolded in plain sight, with no official responses from the U.S. or its European allies.

Listing the documented travel of Iranian military advisers throughout the Middle East, and ongoing nuclear procurement networks with blacklisted companies, the report identifies numerous examples of Western nations ignoring deliberate acts of bad faith from Iranian officials.

“The Obama administration has bent over backwards to try and whitewash Iranian violations both on the nuclear side and also on the sanction-busting side,” said Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, according to Bloomberg News.

The panel conceded that Iran had largely “implemented its commitments” under an interim framework easing economic sanctions, but also accused the Obama administration of allowing deliberately bad behavior to go unmentioned for the sake of a potential political victory.

Violations described by the UN panel should be considered acts of bad faith by a murderous regime obsessed with obtaining nuclear capabilities. However, the Obama administration seems to view the violations merely as political speed bumps on the way to an “historic” agreement.

An agreement that increasingly looks like it will not be taken seriously by Iranian leaders.


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