Sheriff Clarke weighs in on McKinney officer’s pool party behavior, ‘revenge seekers’

It’s bad enough that his own police chief didn’t back his play, but a McKinney, Texas, police officer is in a real world of hurt if he has lost Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Clarke told Fox News host Megyn Kelly Tuesday that he had “a huge problem” with Cpl. Eric Casebolt‘s actions while responding to an out-of-control pool party.

And the sheriff has been a staunch defender of law enforcement officers who find themselves under siege due to frequently exaggerated claims of racism that are heavily supported by a hysterical media.

“What I saw tactically, I had a huge problem with some of the things that officer did,” Clarke said during an appearance on”The Kelly File.”

“He lost his head,” he added. “He didn’t keep his wits about him.”

When Kelly noted that the officer voluntarily resigned and could be rehired somewhere else, Clarke said it is “highly unlikely” that Casebolt will get another job in law enforcement.

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Clarke also dismissed the idea that the officer should face criminal action.

“I don’t think this rises to the level of a criminal charge,” he said, making it clear he was basing that opinion on what was shown in the video of the incident.

As for inflammatory comments made by Rev. Ronald Wright, executive director of Justice Seekers Texas, who threatened “a terrorist attack in this country” in response to racist police, Clarke said the group should be named “revenge seekers” instead.

“The rhetoric coming out of there … is over-the-top and doesn’t serve anything,” he said.

Tom Tillison


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