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Kerry turns ‘Fourth of July’ into a joke at US embassy! ‘Go green’ theme in JUNE to accommodate Ramadan

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A United States embassy’s jaw-dropping decision to move its Fourth of July celebration to June to avoid the Muslim holy month of Ramadan is getting even more attention as the real Independence Day approaches.

As one “Fox & Friends” guest explained Wednesday, it wasn’t just an insult to United States history and dignity — it was arguably downright stupid.

In a “Fox & Friends” interview Wednesday, former Special Forces weapons Sgt. Jim Hanson, who now runs a global security firm, called the decision by Ambassador to Indonesia Robert Blake one more sign that “we’ve become overly sensitive to Islamic sensibilities.”

It’s also a sign that American embassies under John Kerry’s State Department aren’t the most sensible places in the world, Hanson said. The decision was unnecessary to the point of being stupid, he said..

“Indonesians are hardly the most extreme Muslims,” he said. “And Ramadan is a time when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. If we wanted to be courteous, we could have just scheduled the celebration for after sunset.

“And you know what else is great after sunset? Fireworks! Wouldn’t that have been a great idea?”

Adding insult to idiocy, Blake declared the theme of the premature July 4 was “go green,” a celebration of “green energy” and presumably a nod to the historic symbolism of the color green for Muslim countries.

Hanson didn’t like that much either. And most Americans – even Muslim Americans — would probably agree.

“Last time I checked, [Independence Day] wasn’t about green energy, it was about self-evident truths, all men created equal, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” he told host Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

“I think that this administration seems to have lost its way and lost the entire concept of what makes America great. There’s nothing wrong with standing up for what’s great about America. We are the exceptional nation – we should act like it.”

Too bad they don’t watch Fox at the White House.


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