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Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow blames Obama, Holder for confrontation in McKinney

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The disrespect that greeted police officers called to an out-of-control pool party over the weekend in McKinney, Texas, that led to a confrontation making national headlines came as no surprise to Dr. Keith Ablow.

After sustained assault on the nation’s police departments that has characterized the Obama Era, it’s only to be expected, the Fox News in-house psychiatrist said Wednesday.

“Some leaders in America have fractured the trust that Americans place properly – or placed properly – in authority, in police officers,” Ablow said in a “Fox & Friends” interview.

“I don’t think the president or our former attorney general did anything to help when they seemed to side with folks other than police.”

That’s putting it mildly.

It started with inn Obama’s first year in office, when he blundered into the purely local matter of a dispute between Cambridge, Mass., police and a Harvard professor by opining without any evidence that the police acted “stupidly.”

It continued with former Attorney General Eric Holder’s open contempt for both the law and local law enforcement during his regrettable tenure in office.

From Cambridge to Ferguson to Baltimore it’s continued since. And it was on full display with the mockery and riotous behavior that those McKinney police officers were dealing with Friday night.

These things don’t happen in a vacuum.

“These messages are very powerful,” Ablow said, noting that young people, especially, are likely to see such defiance as not only a natural part of youth, but actually a “cause celebre” for which they’re going to be praised by their peers – and endorsed by their president.

“Right now the streets are more dangerous because people have it in for police,” Ablow said.

And when the streets are more dangerous for police, they’re more dangerous for everybody.

With crime soaring, Baltimore is finding that out now. Just hope the rest of the country doesn’t have to find it out, too.



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