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Black voters will give up after being disappointed by Obama: ‘What was the point?’

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Highlighting a neighborhood in Jacksonville, Fla., the Washington Post ran a story about black America’s disappointment in President Obama, and the possibility that black voters might just “give up” in future elections.

“What was the point?” Regenia Motley asked the Post reporter. “We made history, but I don’t see change.”

While voters like Motley express frustration and disappointment over Obama, few seem open to the idea of changing political parties. As the Post story points out, the disillusioned voters of many black communities will likely mean a lower voter turnout overall, not necessarily a different party loyalty.

According to the Post, many voters “wondered whether they would ever bother voting again” after Obama’s historic presidency failed to deliver on Democrat promises to heal the inner city.

Hillary Clinton, the Democrat front-runner for 2016, is expected to have a difficult time mobilizing black communities in heavily Democrat districts.

“At least with Obama, he gave pride to our young men and was a good role model,” one potential voter told the Post. “Hillary needs to prove to us that she’s genuine and really true. And I’m not even sure that would help. We’ve been snakebitten too many times before.”

Apparently they have not been snakebitten enough times to entertain the idea that Democrats might not be the best political fit for their communities.

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The article also highlighted the notion that much of the initial support for Obama was the consequence of a pop culture phenomenon, rather than an informed understanding of Democrat talking points.

“It became more about a personal duty to elect Obama than a civic duty to vote,” said Mone Holder, regional director for a liberal voting rights group.

“There’s been a lot of talk in the state about how to transform that enthusiasm into a black and brown agenda. No one has fully figured it out yet.”

Now that the disappointing era of Obama is coming to an end, Democrats are bracing for a substantial downturn in the number of enthusiastic black voters.

If life were fair, they would be bracing for a rebellion instead.

Michael Schaus


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