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Women’s tongue-in-cheek sex experiment on NY City men; did we learn anything?

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It was all tongue-in-cheek — but the men didn’t know that.

In a YouTube video making the rounds, two attractive comediennes decided to turn the tables on men who sexually harass women by doing some sexual harassment of their own in a New York City park.

And any man who’s ever been targeted – who’s ever even imagined feeling the titillating breath of a lithe, attractive Asian woman whispering an erotic come-on right in his face — can feel the outrage stirring now.

The object of the exercise by the comic duo of Soojeong “SJ” Son and Ginny Leise was apparently to give men an idea of the kind of hazards women allegedly face on a daily basis from “drive-by sexual harassment — strangers hissing threatening sexual remarks then leaving before the women can respond.

“I’m worried because being a woman in public is always really scary,” SJ said on the video. “We might get punched in the face today. That’s what I’m concerned about.”

Then she set out, mouthing outrages like “I want to f*** you,” and “I love that c**k,” to men peaceably going about their business on park benches and city sidewalks.

(Actually, getting “punched” is the least of her worries.)

“Hey! Where are you going?”
“Hate when that happens.”
“So … where was I …?”

And after all that?

Leise summed up the pair’s findings.

“The lesson here is that no one learned anything,” she said on the video.

Except that New York must be one hell of a place.


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