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Woman blows off reporter by snuffing cigarette out in her face!

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An Australian journalist was trying to get answers to burning questions, but got burned instead.

Nine Network reporter Alex Bernhardt walked alongside a woman who was at the Caboolture Court in Queensland on Monday to support her friend, 22-year-old Stevee Lee Kennedy, who is charged with the murder Sunday of her boyfriend Freeman Brookes, 26.

Entire police dept. disbanded after councilwoman and her son were arrested.

Bernhardt tried to question the woman, but the unidentified 23 -year-old responded to the request by shoving a lit cigarette into Bernhardt’s face and saying “get out of my way.”

“Just had a woman stub her lit cigarette into my face at Caboolture Court… Charming,” Bernhardt tweeted after the incident.

Luckily, Bernhardt was none the worse for wear and told the Daily Mail Australia the cigarette left “a bit of a red mark” but “it’s gone now.”

A spokesman for the Queensland Police told the Mail that the woman has been charged with creating a public nuisance and will appear in court June 23.

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