Megyn Kelly: Teenage McKinney girl in pool party cop video ‘was no saint, either’

Fox News host Megyn Kelly took the racial angle of the McKinney, Texas, police controversy head on Monday night, but wanted to make one point perfectly clear.

While the actions of a police corporal slamming a bikini-clad black girl to the ground were “brutal,” the context can’t be ignored.

“The girl is no saint either,” Kelly said on “The Kelly File.” “When the cops tell you to leave, get out.”

Kelly’s two guests were former Los Angeles Police Department Det. Mark Fuhrman, who became a household name two decades ago as a witness in the racially charged O.J. Simpson murder trial, and liberal radio host Richard Fowler, who was 8 years old during the Simpson trial.

The two men’s perspectives tell a lot about the racial attitudes in the country during the “post-racial presidency” of Barack Obama.

Fuhrman said the fact that the cops responding to the pool party were white and the teens involved largely black had little to do with what happened.

“There are a lot of police officers [who responded] that aren’t being investigated, we have one that’s being investigated,” Fuhrman said. “It’s kind of a leap to go to a racial profiling at a graduation or beginning of summer party.”

Fowler, an activist whose adult years have been spent largely in a country with a black president, a black attorney general, basically blamed police racism for the whole problem.

The black teens at the party ran, he said, because “they think they’re going to be the next Eric Garner or the next Michael Brown.”

Maybe that’s because they’ve been told by a black president for years that police act stupidly and by a black attorney general that all police are racists.

If Fowler can think like that at the age of 28, imagine what a teenaged girl thinks.

When it comes to cops, no wonder she’s no saint.


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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


116 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly: Teenage McKinney girl in pool party cop video ‘was no saint, either’

  1. eillem123 says:

    The entire event could’ve been avoided if those kids had simply obeyed the police officer. He pulled his gun out when two of those “boys” came around behind him as he was trying to control that stupid girl. Also, if these “kids” were trespassing in that neighborhood, they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

  2. Larry Miller says:

    The cop pulled his gun because he was surrounded by thugs, or would be thugs, and feared for his life… like anyone would, .Pretty simple to me.
    Don’t forget the murdered cops by the Obama/ Sharpton thugs previously.

  3. Dmdjaj says:

    They have been bred to be defiant when it comes to the police. They re black you know, they’re victims. Blame Obama and holder for that mindset. Why don’t they just calm down and do what the police officer says?

  4. tom2 says:

    The regime has had another good day. It divided another small community along racial lines. It set race relations back 50 years in that community. They no longer trust each other. Some hate each other. Friendships have cooled. It was simple. Inspired by the White House, the regime roused a hundred from the local rabble to crash a private party and cause a bit of trouble. When the police arrived, instructed them to screech help and don’t shoot. When it’s over, file lawsuits by the kazillion. And later, holler racist when the communities raise higher fences, double them with dead space, harden the gates, hire extra security, put their kids in private schools, arm themselves, prohibit guests in the common areas without passes from resident committees, ticket cars without residency stickers and on and on. This city lost a 10-year veteran policeman with an unblemished record. The chief was convinced to blame his subordinates, the community and the city. He’s now persona non grata in his own city. Police morale is sure to plummet as it did in other places where the regime roused the rabble. Yup, it was a very good day. Jimmuh was a piker.

  5. Travis Fitch says:

    Gotta say, I love how Whitewashed America is up in arms over this. Blame black people for everything, blame the Obamas for everything, all because the minorities of this country demand equality and refuse to be stepped on anymore by those in power. R T Deco and Sunshine Kid, I sincerely hope you two are just trolls, and not actually so stupid as to believe the things you are saying here. This is nothing more than history being repeated, and I’m sitting back with a smile on my face. Yeah, we are about to see some bloody times, but afterwards? Oh, our country will finally be back on the right track, and I’ll still be “sittin pretty” over here.

    1. Cobra says:

      If you read their posts, it’s quite striking how they demand armed government officials to trample the Constitution when it comes to Black people.

  6. Y’all are some paranoid motherfuckers. Minorities have no intention of taking the country away from you forcibly, so calm yourselves and put your safeties back on.

    The truth is, we have a much more gentle method of dealing with you. We’ll simply breed you out of the American gene pool by marrying your sons and daughters, and eventually we will turn America a lovely shade of brown. Face it – your time as the fat, loud, angry, majority has come and gone.

    Oh, and y’all better bone up on your Spanish because it’ll be the national language soon.

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