Free man Dinesh D’Souza dishes on what surprised him most about confinement

Documentary filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza found out life in a confinement center was tougher than he thought it would be.

D’Souza told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Monday that he was initially “thrilled” to be able to serve his sentence for making an illegal campaign donation in a confinement center rather than a prison, but soon discovered it was no “Club Fed.”

“I was a bit surprised when I got in the confinement center to recognize that it was the whole gamut of criminals, from murders to burglars to people who had been bringing people across the border, drug smugglers,” he said. “It was a rough crowd.”

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He said that after being scared initially to interact with the other prisoners and figuring out how to survive living with the “hoodlums,” he began to talk to them “like an anthropologist in a strange land.”

“What I realized is there’s a kind of, you might say, shamelessness among the criminals,” he said. “They admit that what they did was wrong but they have also have this view — it’s kind of an ideology you might say — that they are the small fry, that the big criminals are out there, they’re at large. They are so powerful that the system can’t get them. In fact, they are the system.”

D’Souza said he is researching the criminals’ claims to find out if they are correct.

Kelly said she sees a new book and movie in D’Souza’s future.

That seems like a safe bet.

Carmine Sabia


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