Dem Rep compares Marco Rubio to Ricky Ricardo; media misses ethnic, sexist jokes against GOP field

Proving that Democrats know as little about comedy as they do about class, a Wisconsin U.S. rep took the stage this weekend with a series of ethnic and sexist jokes that had his liberal cheesehead audience rolling in their bratwurst aisles.

And he didn’t even get to Ben Carson.

The man of the hour was Rep. Mark Pocan at the Wisconsin Democratic Convention in Milwaukee, regaling the crowd with a series of jokes about casting a fictional Netflix series profiling the Republican presidential field.

Ricky Ricardo as Marco Rubio? A laugh riot.

Cruella De Vil as Carly Fiorina? Too funny.

Jabba the Hutt as Chris Christie? Stop. Please.

But seriously, folks.

Pocan, who must be a remarkably stupid man even by the standards of progressive Democrats, did the country a favor with that humorless “comedy” routine.

Imagine a Republican poking the same kind of fun at Democrats – Louie Gohmert calling one of the Castro brothers (the California Democrats, not the Cuban dictators) as Speedy Gonzales, for instance.

Or suggesting Hillary Clinton as Glenn Close from “Fatal Attraction.” (Something keeps that wrinkled moth coming back to the flame of power.)

Or even casting Bernie Sanders as Bernie Sanders!

The video posted by the Washington Free Beacon Tuesday has gotten zero attention from the mainstream media, and it’s likely to stay that way.

Even a moderately intelligent Democrat would find the entertainment value zero.

For biased, liberal media the news value is apparently even lower.

Fortunately, we live in a world where there are media alternatives.


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