‘Beware the day we change our minds’: Protesters threaten LA mayor over latest ‘justified’ killing

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is one Democrat learning that not all protesters are so peaceful — especially the ones who threaten him personally.

Black Lives Matter protesters gathered outside Garcetti’s home Sunday to sing hymns and chant slogans following the decision Saturday by the LAPD’s watchdog commission that officers were justified in the killing of 25-year-old black man Ezell Ford in August 2014.

Sounds peaceful enough, but among the chants was a conspicuous warning:

“Beware the day we change our minds.”

Entire police dept. disbanded after councilwoman and her son were arrested.

“We’re here to hold Mayor Garcetti accountable,” protester Evan Bunch told reporters. “Because obviously, the police can’t hold themselves accountable.”

The protesters threatened to stay at the mayor’s house until Tuesday, the day the police commission meets, the Los Angeles Times reported. That prompted Garcetti to release a statement Monday expressing condolences to the Ford family.

“Last night I called Ms. Tritobia Ford [Ezell Ford’s mother]. I didn’t reach her but left a message, telling her my heart goes out to her and her grieving family, as it has since the news first broke last August,” the statement read. “I look forward to meeting with her in the coming days.

“Trust and transparency are the foundation of the relationship between the Los Angeles Police Department and people it serves. I have confidence that the Police Commission will conduct an impartial and fair-minded review of the investigations conducted by both the LAPD and the independent Inspector General.”

The statement followed Ford’s mother’s comments to KABC-TV Sunday complaining about the mayor’s dealings with her family so far.

“In other cities, you see the mayor come forward and he speaks of what’s going on, the issues that’s going on,” she said. “I’ve seen the mayor dancing with Beyoncé and doing all kinds of other stuff.”

Following the release of the statement, two videos posted to YouTube showed Garcetti having an uncomfortable confrontation with several protesters as he left with his security detail to catch a flight to Washington, D.C., Monday to discuss federal funding for Los Angeles programs.

“I have to go to Washington right now. This is pre-scheduled,” Garcetti said from the passenger window of the SUV he was in.

“You always run!” a demonstrator shouted back.

Police had to move protesters so Garcetti’s vehicle could proceed.

Carmine Sabia


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