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Grand Jury indicts white cop for murder of black driver who ran

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The white South Carolina police officer caught on video shooting a black man in the back and killing him has been indicted by a grand jury on murder charges.

Former North Charleston police Officer Michael Slager is accused of killing Walter Scott as Scott fled on foot from a traffic stop in April. A bystander’s cell phone video of the shooting went viral in the days afterward.

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According to the police report of the incident, Slager claimed Scott did not comply with his commands and attempted to grab his Taser, CNN reported.

A widely circulated video taken by a bystander with a phone shows Scott attempting to run. His back is to Slager, who, from a few yards away, raises his gun and fires.

Slager shot eight times, and Scott was hit five times. Scott died at the scene.

Slager was fired from the department, arrested and charged with murder.

Slager’s attorney, Andy Savage, told CNN Monday that his defense team has not yet been given prosecutors’ investigative materials as requested and would not comment on “any aspect” of the case until they have that information.

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