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Viral video! Woman blasts Bruce Jenner: ‘If you were my husband I’d be whoopin’ your @$$!!’

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A video no doubt speaking for millions of American women about Bruce Jenner‘s sudden infamy as a “transgender woman” is taking the Internet by storm.

The video was posted Thursday by a woman identified as Talisa Andrewz. She said she refused to call Jenner by his new chosen name of Caitlyn, before telling him that if he was her husband “the only thing people gonna see us together doing is me and my kids kicking your ass.”

“Every time I see you I’m gonna jump on you and punch you in your new face, kick you in your new behind for doing what you did to me,” she yelled.

Entire police dept. disbanded after councilwoman and her son were arrested.

Andrewz also blasted the ESPN ESPY Awards for giving Jenner an award for courage when there are more deserving candidates, like men and women who have been wounded or lost limbs in the military service of their country.

She also slammed Jenner for being selfish and said, “if you lived with the secret for 65 [years] you should have lived with it for 20 more until you died.”

If Jenner sees this video, he might wish he’d died first.

Carmine Sabia


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