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Scathing Judge Jeanine shreds Obama’s ‘most respected country’ claim: Are you delusional?

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In a scathing four minutes that touched on virtually every lowlight of President Obama’s six years in office, Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped into the president’s claim last week that under his administration the United States had regained its status as “the most respected country on Earth.”

“I’m not sure if you’re delusional or you just think that we are,” Pirro began.

And it was downhill for the president from there.

On the international scene, she ticked off the Russian reset from the earliest days of the administration that alienated formerly U.S.-friendly countries like Poland, the Syrian “red line” fiasco,” and, of course, the utter abdication behind the Benghazi killings and cover-up.

On the domestic front, Pirro cited failures of government agencies – whether it’s the Transportation Security Administration, Secret Service, IRS or – most tragically – the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Most respected country on Earth? One that can’t even take care of the men and women it sends to war on its behalf?

Pirro also made mincemeat of the president’s proclamation during the same speech that one of his “core principles” is that he would never engage in politics that divides the country.

“Do you really think Baltimore, Ferguson or the Trayvon Martin case reflect that philosophy?” she asked.

The answer is evident.

Either the president is delusional, or he thinks we are.


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