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Rick Perry rips carpetbagger Hillary over voter ID: Pick a home state and fight about it there

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Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the newest entry into the increasingly crowded Republican presidential primary field, wasted no time going after probable 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton — and highlighting how cynically opportunistic she is on state issues.

Speaking in Houston on Thursday, Clinton said Republicans are working to “disenfranchise people of color, poor people and young people” when it comes to voting, specifically naming Perry for signing a law “with the purpose of discriminating against minority voters.”

Perry countered Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” saying he doesn’t know what “her beef is with the people of the state of Texas,” but that Clinton is on the wrong side of the issue on voter ID.

“Well, I think it’s way outside the norm of ridiculous, if you want to know the truth of the matter,” Perry said.

“To call out the people of the state of Texas, that’s what she did. I just happened to be the governor [who] signed that legislation and support it, and the vast majority of the people of Texas support it, and what Secretary Clinton did was saying the state of Texas didn’t.”

He again voiced his support for voter ID.

“Why would you say that you need a photo ID to get a library book or to get on an airplane?” Perry asked. “This is a state issue, and this is an issue that the people that the state of Texas overwhelmingly support.

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“So I don’t know who she is playing to, but she is not playing to the people of Texas and I don’t think she is playing to the Americans that believe that the sanctity of the vote is really important and you need to have a photo ID to go and vote.”

Then he dropped the hammer on the carpetbagging Clinton, whose adult residence has depended almost entirely on what office her husband held (governor of Arkansas, president) or what office she wanted (Senate seat from New York.)

“And the people of Texas wanted it,” Perry said. “And whichever state Hillary Clinton considers to be her home state, she goes home and argues there to not to have it.”

Of course, we all know exactly who Clinton is playing too… gullible low information voters who will buy her hyperbole hook, line and sinker.

Just as they did for Barack Obama.

Tom Tillison


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