NY Times D-Day attack on SEALs backfires; ‘America’s most evil gang’?

The once-vaunted New York Times was on quite a roll last week.

Fresh off breaking the bombshell story that Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio had four traffic tickets over a nearly 20-year period, The Times turned its sights on SEAL Team 6, denigrating America’s most elite fighting force for “excessive killing and civilian deaths.”

New York TimesOn the anniversary of D-Day, no less.

In an article published online Saturday, and run in print Sunday, the newspaper focused on alleged “misconduct” by the elite unit and all but bemoaned how team members of what it described as “a global manhunting machine” emerged from missions “soaked in blood that was not their own.”  (Would The Times prefer it was American blood being shed?)

The Times even noted that “an American hostage freed in a dramatic rescue has questioned why the SEALs killed all his captors.”

The gall! No wonder one Twitter commentator sarcastically described the Times’ treatment of the SEALs as “America’s most evil gang.”

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With former Texas Gov. Rick Perry announcing his run for the Republican presidential nomination last week flanked by a couple of former Navy SEALs — American hero Marcus Luttrell and his twin brother, Morgan — a social media user suggested The Times was “offended,” opting to “smear the Seals” in response.

And while the ridicule of “The Gray Lady” didn’t quite reach the level of the Rubio embarrassment, social media users still had a field day.

If the idea of the piece was to make the SEALs look bad, it backfired badly — making The Times look ridiculous instead.

Here’s a sampling from Twitter:

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