How this school district is protecting its kids will drive libs BANANAS

A small Idaho school district has taken protecting its student into its own hands.

The Garden Valley School District, home to fewer than 300 students, has purchased firearms and trained some staff on how to use them in order to prevent a mass shooting like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in December 2012.

The Garden Valley district is in a remote location that would take police officers about 45 minutes to reach and limited funds have made it impossible for the district to hire law enforcement on staff during school hours.

Entire police dept. disbanded after councilwoman and her son were arrested.

That prompted the school board to approve the firearms purchase and the training of six staff members, the Washington Times reported Saturday.

“I hope we never have to use them,” school board member Alan Ward told the Times. “But in the event something did happen, we wanted to be prepared.”

Ward said the district won’t release the types of weapons that were purchased or where they are stored, but did say the district spent around $3,500 on ammunition and training while the remainder was donated by the community.

The idea of having guns in schools is not a foreign concept in Idaho.

In 2013 an Eastern Idaho district voted to allow the installation of gun safes in high schools and middle schools and in 2014 the state’s lawmakers approved a measure to allow guns on college campuses, the Times reported.

Twitter users battled over the merits of the idea with liberals giving the usual anti-gun schtick.

Carmine Sabia


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